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Welcome to artdesign88, the original!


We are professionals in ART, book cover creation and design.

For backgrounds, we often use pictures that we photograph ourselves. E.g. in forests, caves, mountains, cities, etc. With the camera always with us and in our hands, we often capture unusual moments. We use these images for our book covers and ART.


If you find our works on a website other than, or,

then they are unlawful and without our consent.


The label "artdesign88" is often copied by third parties or used as a showpiece, or no one looks before the award and is interested in whether this name already exists. Examples: ArtDesign88, art-design-88, artdesign-88, We are not on ebay or on twitter, telechargervous, etsy, roomble and the like, and we certainly do not post our works on shutterstock and other image databases.


If you are looking for something of quality and special, come to artdesign88 (the original).


Purpose of our website / services: Not only us, but more and more people are noticing the loss of quality in many areas of daily life. The same applies to many goods. Greed for profit and power destroys many things. We want to counteract this, even if only modestly, by promoting art and culture and high-quality items such as books. We work exclusively on a donation basis.

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Caution! New scam with AI techniques. Facebook, Instagram etc.
Purported bestselling authors will contact you and ask you a few questions at first. Later on, they'll offer you services that will supposedly help you better market your books...
Source: Louis Melloy, 22th. nov. 2023

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Audio: The secret world of book sales (Source: German Culture)

Do you ever wonder how a bestseller becomes a bestseller?

And wonder why you sometimes get a 1-star rating for one of your books even though it doesn't deserve it? 2 different things, you think?

Possibly, but maybe there's more to it than that. We don't have anything like that. We pay attention to such ranking and visibility pushers and do not give such actions a chance. We believe that even the worst book deserves more than 1 star. Personal taste, preferences in colors and clothing, etc., have no place in a quality assessment for a book. Readers who devalue a book because there are too many characters and names and the like in it will be excluded from our reading rounds.


Back to the first question.
We do, and that's why we've read a lot of bestsellers, or rather started to read, because often we have already put it away before the end or even after a few pages.
Why is that, you ask?
A boring or uninteresting book is quickly put aside, what do you think!
Why are bestsellers often not what they should be?
One reason, and not infrequently, is fake-pushup!

Some companies that are leaders in the market and others too that make a lot of money from so-called bestsellers, push them to the top of the sales list. Another reason is the strange ranking among some online retailers. As a result, a book can become a bestseller in a short time, even if it has not been sold very often. Everyone is familiar with such companies and, most likely, even buys there. There are more reasons and mechanisms for a book to become a bestseller, but we don't want to go into that now.
Why is it important for many to have bestsellers in their range and to push certain books to the top?


1. Many book buyers show online or run into the bookstore and ask for a bestseller. Believing that they are giving someone a good book or getting something unusual to read, many consumers buy bestsellers instead of judging by their or the recipient's tastes.


2. Bestsellers sell much more often than other books, whether good or bad. Did you hear the audio in the input? Up to 90% of all books do not sell 100 copies. That's not to say that 90% is crap. No, that just means that these authors have been unlucky, have fallen victim to the Internet, the media and book propaganda. The same applies to everyone else, except that they have or have had luck on their side.


3. Bestsellers and well-known authors secure income. On the one hand, and this is most important to the pushers, the companies and only secondarily that of the authors (the lucky few).


4. Focus on a few. Making a lot of money from a few is easy and better than earning something from many. This makes less work, pays off faster and is clearer.


Do you have a bestseller?

Think about why your book is not a bestseller. Don't give big companies the power to decide whether or not their book will be sold if you don't invest money there. A good publisher works for his authors, not against them. A satisfied author will continue to write, is motivated and in good spirits. Authors who give away their books in order to get a few reviews or to become known on certain websites do not speak for a good situation for authors, at most against certain companies and their business practices. Unfortunately, many authors allow themselves to be involved in this treadmill and misuse the value of writing the books.


 You can either pump money into one of these well-known companies and hope it works. In the process, these entrepreneurs are getting richer and richer and you as an author have little success with a lot of effort. If you publish your books on artdesign88, then you only invest some time and have only advantages. Even if you sell fewer books at artdesign88, you've probably earned more than anywhere else! Simply because you get 90% of the retail price. We know from authors that many sales are remunerated with just 20-30%, but the book hosters collect the rest. Put yourself in your story and look at it from different angles. From the point of view of the reader and that of the protagonists.


 Tip from our site:

As little money as possible, better not invest any in the big e-commerce companies! Whatever you're doing, do the right thing and write one or two or... good books. A good book will sooner or later succeed. Have your own style and don't copy! This also applies to the cover, because this is the first and most important impression of your book. Most copy or buy images from Shutterstock and the like, this makes your cover a mass product, as many others purchase and copy there as well. In addition, as the owner of such a book cover, you can never know what copy rights are behind the images used.


We at artdesign88 create all images ourselves. Starting with the basic images, through the environmental objects, to the figures, materials and buildings. If you purchase a book cover from artdesign88, you will receive a certificate that transfers all rights to it with the exception of resale and reproduction in modified form.


 Tip from our site: Invest as little money as possible, better none, in the big e-commerce companies!


Happy writing wish you


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We are a small team and have been online since 1996. Our motto is, best quality for little! Service and customer friendliness is our ultimate goal. Our decades of experience come to our customers Benefit. Through long-standing international relationships, our business is growing steadily and we are able to offer more services. The privacy of our customers is important to us, which is why we do not use marketing add-ons or artificial intelligence. As gentlemen of the old school, we take pictures ourselves. We use our exclusive material for your book covers and pictures, so our customers always have a unique piece and not a copy, as is usually the case elsewhere. Our experience in photography dates back to the 80s. We speak your language.